The Best Resorts in Europe to go on a Skiing Holiday

Have you been looking through Google for the best ski resorts to visit with your family or friends this year? I’m guessing you didn’t have much success and that’s why you have found yourself reading through this article. Luckily for you, we have listed what is considered the best ski resorts in Europe for a long or short break.

Saalbach Jinterglemm in Austria

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Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm is by quite some margin, the largest ski resort in the whole of the country. The traditional village surrounding the ski resort will nicely compliment your time at the resort, as the show covered buildings appear stunning day and night. Where this listing might lack in scenery compared to some of the other entrees on the list, it still has amazing surroundings which you won’t only be able to stare at, but actively ride across on your skis or snowboard. Whether you prefer après ski or making your way downhill of the skis, Saalbach Jinterglemm is the best ski resort in Austria.

Aviemore in Scotland

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Located in Scotland’s highlands, Aviemore would make the list due to its accessibility alone for people residing in the UK, as travelling from Glasgow; you’d arrive at the resort in less than 3 hours by train or car. Although the après ski culture isn’t on par with skiing locations based in destinations such as France or Italy, what Aviemores biggest asset is the outstanding scenery which surrounds it. As Scotland’s highlands are considered one of the most beautiful places on earth, this might not come as a surprise to our readers, although, you’ll never truly experience the beauty of it until you find yourself making your way down the mountain.

Val d’Isère in France

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A personal favourite for many, Val d’Isère is truly the full package when it comes to a ski holiday. For those who haven’t heard of Val d’Isère yet, it’s a charming village which is wedged in between the mountains in the south east of France. Whether you are looking to learn skiing for the first time, looking to improve upon your high standard on the slopes, going for the après ski and the nightlife, or just a chance to spend some relaxation time in a chalet with friends, family or a partner. Val d’Isère truly can accompany anyone of all age and taste. Personally the thing which we love most about the charming French village is après ski time, as there is live music, DJs, nightclubs, indoor and outdoor bars to enjoy, socialise and make new friends. France is no doubt the worlds premier destination for ski trips due ot the French Alps and other snow-filled areas, if you are looking to plan a ski holiday in France, make sure you have a look at Mark Warner for information.

Cervinia in Italy

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With the nearby airport only being 90 minutes away, Cervinia is in no way the sort of ski resort that professional skiers and snowboards should be going, although, if you are a beginner, it’s the perfect place for you to get to grip with the fundamentals of your chosen transport method on the snow. Another great thing about Cervinia is that the après ski scene is one which is very good, in particular for a younger generation, as the bars in and around the resort is very lively and complimented nicely by the lovely scenery which surrounds.
Is there a place which you think we missed out? Let us know in the comments below!

5 Things To Do Whilst In Geneva For A Business Trip

Due to Geneva being a hub for huge multinational business such as ABB Sécheron, Agilent Technologies, Affinnova Switzerland Sàrl, Alcon Management SA and Addax Pétroleum Limited who have made a home in the city. This means that all year long visitors come in and out of the city for meeting and business deals, although when they have a day to spare they often look for advice on where is there main places are to see and spend time as a tourist looking to see as much as possible in a short amount of time. We at Quatro Destinations have made a short list, to make this process easier for you.

Lake Geneva
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Lake Geneva is hands one of the best attractions you can visit in whilst visiting Geneva and it should be of high priority on your list if you have a limited amount of time to spare. With gorgeous rivers, stunning greenery and vibrant flowers everywhere to be seen, it’s one of the most relaxing spots you can visit in central Europe.


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Sometimes all you need is a little bit of luxury and relax therapy, and Geneva is the perfect place to do it. With some of the biggest names in boutique trading in the prime spots of the city centre – you are exposed to a huge selection of some of retails finest designer stores such as, Septième Étage, La Muse, L’ Adresse, Noa and a whole lot more. We’d recommend that you get a business hotel as close to this area as possible as it’s great for links towards everywhere you’ll be likely visiting during your stay in the swiss city. We’d highly recommend Fraser Suites Geneva which accommodates fantastically for business and workers.

Visit the Museums

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There is a whole host of museums on offer for someone who is travelling through Geneva on a business trip, for example, you could visit the Museum of Natural History and learn about the natural wildlife and environment of Switzerland, you could try out the Museum of Art and History where there is a vast amount of information to be absorbed from a worldwide perspective. No matter if these don’t catch your eye, there is over 10 other museums to choose from.

See the Jet d’Eau

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One of our personal favourite attractions here at Quatro Destination, the Jet d’Eau is something which is like nothing else in the world. Don’t be mistake, this wasn’t created to be just a tourist attraction, it serves a great purpose for the city, making history not only in Geneva industrially, but always plays a part in why Swiss chocolate is considered so good. Want to know why? Well, you’ll just have to get a little tour and hear for yourself.

Is there anything you think that we missed out on which could have made it into the top 5? Let us know in the comments below!

Ardèche – off the beaten track

For us somewhat sun-starved Brits, France is one of the most popular holiday destinations for us to visit and it is no surprise as to why. Just a short hop across or under the Channel and you can find yourself in a big country that boasts loads of fantastic cuisine, beautiful landscapes and fascinating culture. Each region has its own unique and different culture from the north to the south meaning that no matter how many times you visit the country, there will always be something new to explore and to discover. We are all familiar with Paris of course, which is one of the most popular travel destinations in the whole world and with other major cities like Lyon, Toulouse and Bordeaux as well as with Provence, Normandy and more, but it is easy to end up in a rut of visiting the same areas again and again. If you are a fan of France but want to explore some of its less well-known corners, then you should check the Ardèche region in the central south-east of the country. Continue reading “Ardèche – off the beaten track”

Take me to the Highlands

Not of all of us dream of sun, sea and sand when it comes to our holidays and if you prefer peace and quiet to noisy crowds then a sunshine break might not be the thing that you’re after. To feel refreshed and to discover somewhere new, you don’t always have to jet off abroad; here in the UK there are so many beautiful spots to discover that it could be high time to get out there and start exploring them. One of the top outdoor destinations has to be of course Scotland which boasts more than a third of the total landmass of the UK but just a small portion of the population with just over 5 million inhabitants. So if the great outdoors are for you but haven’t yet visited Scotland, then it is high time that you did! And where else should you be visiting for beautiful scenery and wild rugged landscapes than the Highlands of course. Continue reading “Take me to the Highlands”

Sunshine Holidays to Greece

Although we do love some more unusual holiday destinations too here at Quatro Destinations, sometimes all that you want from your summer holidays is some sun, sea and sand with a cool and refreshing drink to hand. And luckily enough you can achieve this in some of the southern European countries meaning that you don’t even have to go too far afield to achieve this dream. The Mediterranean is of course one of the most popular sunshine holidays destinations thanks to its great weather, tasty food, interesting culture and plentiful beaches, and of these countries in the Med, Greece is one of the most widely visited. Located in the south-east of the area it boasts fantastic weather, some incredible history and culture and of course typically delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Comprising the mainland and a plentiful array of smaller islands, you can be sure to find a slice of paradise when you are visiting Greece. Read on to find out about just a few of its many highlights. Continue reading “Sunshine Holidays to Greece”

Discovering Tuscany

For most of us, summer is the best and most convenient time of the year for us to enjoy some holidays in the sun and is the perfect chance to escape it all and get away for a week or two. We are so lucky in that our location makes it ideal for visiting Europe with most flight times to European destinations usually clocking in at around 2 hours or less meaning that there is no excuse not to get out there and explore. In this blog article we’ve decided to look at one of the most peaceful and beautiful areas of Italy, Tuscany which is well worth a visit if you are fan of stunning countryside, good food and drink and charmingly ancient villages that are just begging to be explored. If you have been looking for a relaxing holiday to rejuvenate yourself away from the seaside crowds, then read on to find out exactly why you should be visiting this region. Continue reading “Discovering Tuscany”

Prague – A City Break to Remember

For over ten years Prague has been the Eastern European city of choice to visit for tourists from Western Europe, and it is has even become one of the most popular places to take a long weekend city break. City breaks are the perfect way to make the most of a long weekend or a few days off and especially if you are solo traveller, in a couple or with a small group of friends, you can easily bag yourself some last minute bargains when it comes to getting away. And conveniently, Prague does not take that long to get to from the UK; the flight time between London and Prague is under 2 hours and many budget airlines service the route meaning that you can always pick up a bargain. You can also get to Prague from many other airports throughout the UK so even if you are not so well-connected as in London, getting to this Czech city can still be simple. Aside from the convenient flight time, there are loads of other reasons as to why you should be visiting Prague, so read on to find some of them out. Continue reading “Prague – A City Break to Remember”