Sunshine Holidays to Greece

Although we do love some more unusual holiday destinations too here at Quatro Destinations, sometimes all that you want from your summer holidays is some sun, sea and sand with a cool and refreshing drink to hand. And luckily enough you can achieve this in some of the southern European countries meaning that you don’t even have to go too far afield to achieve this dream.

Time to hit the Med

The Mediterranean is of course one of the most popular sunshine holidays destinations thanks to its great weather, tasty food, interesting culture and plentiful beaches, and of these countries in the Med, Greece is one of the most widely visited. Located in the south-east of the area it boasts fantastic weather, some incredible history and culture and of course typically delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Comprising the mainland and a plentiful array of smaller islands, you can be sure to find a slice of paradise when you are visiting Greece. Read on to find out about just a few of its many highlights.

One of the most obvious reasons to visit the lovely country of Greece is of course for its lovely sun, sea and sand. This Mediterranean country boasts over 13,500km of coastline which is the longest in the Mediterranean basin, so as you can imagine, there are plenty of beaches to choose from! Whether you like lazing in the sun and getting a tan or prefer to be a bit more active by taking part in some water sports, there is sure to be the perfect Greek beach out there for your holidays. Some are more child-friendly than others too, so always check out those TripAdvisor views to get the best information available.

Going Greek

Another reason to visit the fantastic country of Greece is of course to experience for yourself its fascinating and historical culture. In the western world at least we owe many of our modern conveniences, laws and inventions to the Greek Empire that flourished in the 5th and 4th centuries BC. And happily there are still loads of historical sites that you can visit on a trip to Greece. The major hub of sites has to be in the capital of Athens, so if you are flying into there, make sure you at least take an afternoon to visit the Parthenon. Scattered throughout the mainland as well as on many of the islands there are other remnants of this incredible empire.

Greece on the cheap

One other great thing about a holiday to Greece is that since it is such a popular holiday destination, you can easily get a fantastic deal with a package holiday. This means that things such as your flights, airport transfers, accommodation and even dining can be included under one price. With any package holiday, do make sure that it is ATOL-protected to ensure your peace of mind.

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